I stumbled upon a blog the other day that truly inspired me.  It is called At Home in the World and it is the journey of a family of 6 from Canada who sold their house and the majority of their belongings to travel the world.  The Smneek kids are “worldschooled” as they travel and experience the cultures of the globe.

This idea excites me!  There are so many cultures and sites to experience and books cannot do them justice.  I had the privilege of spending 3 months traveling while in college.  I spent a Semester at Sea and traveled to Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, Egypt, Cyprus, Greece, Spain and Morocco.  We spent 3-5 days in each country and the experience was life changing.  I spent time in orphanages, walked on the Great Wall of China, stayed with a family in India, laid down in the Great Pyramids, was mistaken for a prostitute in Greece (wearing a down vest ;)), helped a waiter practice English in Vietnam, sang Karoke with locals in Japan and so much more!  I learned more that semester in school than the other 3 1/2 years of college combined.  I saw and felt things that you can not experience in books……I experienced life.

I want my children to experience life.  I want them to experience foreign lands and also see all of the amazing places and people in this world.  I do not want their schooling to be limited to four concrete walls, books and the internet.  This family has put aside the “American (or in their case Canadian) Dream” and is giving their children an amazing gift and education.

I have not yet had a chance to read the entire blog but the posts I have read are incredible.  They just got year-long visas to live in the South of France for a year and are very excited about this new adventure.  I highly recommend you check out the Smneek Family and see what they are up to today. It may just inspire you to go out into the world and explore for yourself 🙂  As they say on their blog, “Wherever we are together, we’re at home in the world.”


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  1. HI!
    I’ve been meaning to message you to say thank you for mentioning us. I read your post last summer but didn’t get a chance to leave a reply as we were busy preparing for our move to France. I am so happy you found us! Like you, I read about many families travelling around the globe when I was dreaming about the same thing. It seemed like for a while (nearly 2 years), that’s all I read and thought about before we finally sold our house to travel. Your semester at sea sounds amazing! It sounds like you have much to share with that experience. Keep on writing and dreaming!
    Wishing you and your family all the best,
    ps, We like the Magic Tree House too. My daughter read most of the books when she was younger. When I was brainstorming on what our blog name should be, I also was thinking along the lines of the Magic Tree House…well. almost anything “magic” because I love the word.

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