Library Visits in 5 Minutes or Less

I LOVE Children’s books!  I love to read them, collect them, give them as gifts and share them with people I love.  Whenever I visit a bookstore or library, the children’s section is where I first go and feel most at home.  As a former elementary school teacher, it was my job to know books.  I helped the students in my class find books that they could not only decode and comprehend but books that they would love.  I used books to teach lessons in Writing, Reading, Social Studies, Science, Conflict Resolution and Good Citizenship.    If my class was having a rough day, we’d spend the rest of the afternoon resting while I read aloud to them.   Books are so special to me and I must read at least 10-20 a day to my children 🙂

Library visits with a two year old are an adventure.  Unfortunately it is all about getting in and getting out before she destroys the place (this pressure does not always make for great selections).  My daughter has a bit of a reputation in our library for destroying books (her fines to date are over $40) and being a little too loud 🙂  For this reason I try to plan my visits for off hours and place as many things on reserve before I go….that way I can pick them up at the front desk!

I recently found a blog post that listed 75 Children’s books that build character.  I quickly printed out this list and my son and I went through to see which we had read.  We have read about half of the list and we are determined to find and read the rest of the list by the end of the year.  Having this list will be helpful for our very quick library visits and will hopefully fill our library bag with rich literature.  Our favorite books right now are the Magic Tree House Series (we are reading the Merlin Missions right now), Olivia, anything about the Arctic and Antarctic and of course in honor of his birthday this Friday….we are reading everything and anything written by Dr. Seuss (the Lorax is my favorite).  What are your favorites???


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