You Don’t Talk to Friends About Education and Food Issues

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I have learned the hard way that Religion and Politics are not the only two topics off the table when it comes to friends.  Apparently Education Reform and the Food Industry are two more to add to the list (at least in my case).  I have a lot of passion toward both of these latter issues and spend much of my free time reading and researching them.  I am NOT NORMAL and I now understand this.  Most people are comfortable living their own lives where they don’t think about where their food comes from (or what is in it)  and happily send their kids off to the local public school.  They don’t want to think about what they are truly eating or what their children are learning.  They are comfortable with their life the way it is and they are often scared or frustrated when someone comes along and shares knowledge that may challenge their perceptions or jeopardize their harmony.

From here on out, conversations about Education Reform and the Food Industry can only happen with folks who share my same passions.  I have now identified the friends and family I can discuss both with and I have to remain relatively silent with the others.  I have never meant to frighten people or make them feel uncomfortable and believe me I am NO EXPERT.  I am always very honest about the fact that I have so much to learn and do not have many of the answers.  These two topics are topics that I enjoy researching and we have made some big changes in our lives because of my research.  I do value and appreciate everyone’s right to their own way of living, their own way of parenting and their own choices around education and their diet.  My passion can can come across as being very heated when it comes to these two subjects and I often need to remind myself to step back, relax and remember who I am talking too… friends.  I just want everyone I care about to be safe, healthy and happy.

So from now on….these topics are off the table for general conversation.   Conversations will center around the kids, the weather and the latest episode of the Bachelor 🙂

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One response to “You Don’t Talk to Friends About Education and Food Issues

  1. Mom

    Wait a minute…this blog is about education and what you have discovered during your investigation. What you have found is very real (good and bad) about our educational system. What you believe is neither right or wrong for others. You need to find what is right for you, and your children, as do others. That doesn’t mean you can’t talk about it, and it doesn’t mean you are going to push your beliefs on others. But your thoughts are interesting and have validity. Not everyone is going to agree, but that doesn’t mean you are wrong for you. I have started to think more your way, as I am getting ready to leave public education. I even think I would like to get somewhat involved if you decide to go the home school route. Something to think about. However, that doesn’t mean that I feel what others choose for their children is wrong or right. Everyone must do what they feel is best for them and theirs.

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