Rhythm of the Home

For about a year we have had our daily rhythm posted on our wall.  This flexible rhythm is ever changing (usually daily or with the seasons) but there are core pieces that always stay the same.  My children depend on the predictability of our rhythm and thrive in the wide open spaces dedicated play.

This past weekend, while reading an interesting article about Reading in the Waldorf schools, I noticed a link to a blog dedicated to rhythm.  It is called Rhythm of the Home and it is WONDERFUL.  The blog is a bit like an online magazine and changes with the seasons.  It is filled with activities, projects, articles and tips all related to whatever season we are currently in.  The blog focuses on four key elements: warmth, play, celebration and connection.  It is such a rich resource with so many of my favorite bloggers featured.  I could get lost in the site and encourage you to check out their spring version right now 🙂


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  1. Mom

    This website is so cool. I saw a few things I might like to try. I saw a couple of things I might like to explore when I stop being a full time teacher. Always open to new things…

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