A Look Back

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and identify the most clear memory for myself in each grade of school.  This was a lot of fun to do and I learned a bit about myself while doing it.   I have plenty of other memories and could do a whole post about what I remember learning in each grade (maybe I will) but I decided to just go with my most vivid memory.  It is funny what things stay with you through the years.

Kindergarten–I witnessed the marriage of two classmates that ended in a very long kiss on the playground.

First Grade–I remember spending most of my days in either the nurse’s office or the guidance counselor’s office (the nurse would send me there instead of home) because I did not want to be at school.

Second Grade–This is my first memory of being in trouble!  I was trading a pencil with a friend during the math game “travel” and had to put my name on the board!!!  I also had my first experience with sitting with only boys in a cluster of desks…oh the horror.

Third Grade–I have shared many of these memories in a former post but I had my first crush on a boy and my mother would fine me every time I said, “I’m Sorry!”

Fourth Grade–Experienced my first time of bullying.  My “friends” made fun of my clothes, my shoes, told me I’d never fit in with the middle school crowd and constantly picked on me.  This ended up with the guidance counselor scheduling a visit to the middle school with me to show me that I’d be just fine up there.

Fifth Grade–With another friend we started a group of girls who would spy on my fifth grade math teacher because we thought she was having an affair with the principal.  We spied for months, had notebooks, a secret language, even went into her desk 😦 and got in so much trouble with her…she was crying the whole time she spoke with us and we cried with her.  The principal called us into his office, patted us on the head and told us not to do it again (turns out he was sleeping with two other woman in the school at the time!)

Sixth Grade–The same group of “friends” that picked on me in 4th grade, started it up again.  This time they told me they were going to sneak into the school and break the heater so we wouldn’t have school.  They crafted a plan for over a month to try to trick another girl and I into actually following it.  Then they made fun of me when I said I wouldn’t do it (I lived 10 minutes by car away from the school!!).  The day after the “crime” was suppose to happen, I came into school crying and apologized for not helping them (I had cried myself to sleep the night before because I thought that they would hate me for not joining them).  They laughed and laughed at me and told me how the whole thing had been a joke…not funny!

Seventh Grade–Got Mono and missed about a third of the school year (either full or 1/2 days).  I loved being HOME and having my mom as my own personal teacher.

Eight Grade–Had a great year when the mean girls I was friends with started to grow a conscience, grew up a little bit and were actually being nice. Had an amazing week at Environmental Camp, such a great year!

Ninth Grade–Was told by every cute boy in my class that I was an awesome BEST FRIEND.  Cried and Cried when my 9th Grade Council Advisor sang “Ding Dong Mike Brady’s Dead” when I came into school after Robert Reed had died.

Tenth Grade–Our town joined a bigger city for High School. Those same boys that told me I was a “Best Friend” the year before came back around and asked me out once they saw that many other boys had taken an interest in me!  It was a Winni Cooper moment and after two boys fought over me on a bus, my dad had to tell me to calm down 🙂  My sleazy biology teacher also invited me on a trip to Cozumel.

Eleventh Grade–Fell in love with a good Mormon boy and had the best English Teacher EVER.  We could read anything we wanted and we kept a two-way journal….so great!

Twelfth Grade–Had a very inappropriate friendship with my Poetry teacher (on his part), kept the Mormon boyfriend for most of the year (long distance, he was at BYU) and had a very BLUE year.

So there you have it, my most vivid memories of school.



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2 responses to “A Look Back

  1. Mom

    Boy, I just learned a lot about my first child. Some things I knew and some I didn’t. Was I being an uninterested parent? If I was, I’m sorry and you can fine me for that. I do remember that.
    Not easy growing up. Remember this when your own grow up. Come to think of it, I enjoyed being your personal teacher in 7th grade, too.

  2. Katherine Gasper

    LOL–this is so great! I want to do it now! But where oh where are your wonderful, meaningful experiences taking tests? or phonics workbooks? or rote math facts? aren’t those the things kids remember most from school–those standardized learning experiences that are oh so helpful in the real world? (barf!) 🙂

    It’s always the social stuff!

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