Friday Finds–The Big Year

Have you seen this movie yet??  I will admit that I am a bit of a nature geek and have a thing for birds but I think the fun idea behind this movie will suck anybody in (even bird haters).  It is about three very different men trying to complete a Big Year.  What is a Big Year you ask??  It is a mission to find as many different species of birds as you can in North America in one calendar year (they must be in nature and you can either see them or hear them).  There is no monetary reward, just “fame” and this unique movie will make everyone want to get out and start bird watching 🙂

I took an ornithology class in college and was bitten by the bird watching bug then.  I rarely get a chance to go into the field and look for birds but I enjoy searching for them wherever I am.  This fascination with birds has now rubbed off onto my children and they now point them out wherever we go.  My son can actually identify quite a few, my daughter just yells “BIRD!”.  My son and I have started our own Big Year and have already identified 13 🙂  We have a long way to go to reach the numbers they do in the movie but if we find 30 this year, I will be excited.  Happy Bird Watching!



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