Easter Fun

It is hard to imagine that it is already Easter Week….it feels like I just packed up the Christmas decorations!  Up until now, the focus of Easter with my children has been on the fun stuff.  We have focused on the coming of spring, renewal, growth and of course the bunnies and eggs.  This year I have also dedicated some time to teaching my 5-year-old the Christian story of Easter (although a much simpler version) and also about the Spring Equinox and how different cultures celebrate it around the world.  As part of this exploration and study we read the tale of Eostre, the goddess of Spring, spent some time reading stories about Jesus and who he was, read a nice and simple story about the First Easter, read the book Spring Equinox, planted seeds, made pretzels, all gave up something for Lent and thanks to a dear friend we have our own set of Resurrection eggs this year.

Here are some great websites that can help you get into the Easter Spirit.  Some are filled with fun and light activities and the others have activities with a more educational or religious focus.  No matter what you celebrate, I hope that this time of year finds you re-energized, renewed and hopeful for all that is to come.

-21 Easy Easter Crafts

-Kids Easter Crafts

-Lenten Activities for Kids

-Intentionally Celebrating Lent and Easter as a Family

-Grow Your Own Easter Grass (next year)


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