Our Spring Rhythm

With the weather improving and the days getting longer, I felt it was important to revisit our daily rhythm.  We naturally spend a lot more time indoors during the Winter Months and I wanted to make sure our Spring Rhythm got us outside more and enjoying all that mother nature has to offer.  Not wanting to rock the boat too much because my children and I depend upon this rhythm, I decided to make a few simple changes like adding a new outdoor time to our afternoon.  I also plan to have more outdoor picnics, a once a week adventure, I will plan for many more nature related projects and activities (gardening, nature hunts, cloud watching, park days, bird watching etc.) and on beautiful days we will move our snack and story time outdoors.

Donna Ashton from the Waldorf Connection wrote a wonderful article about rhythm over at the Magic Onion.  Her article not only discussed the importance of having a daily rhythm but all of the wonderful benefits for both mother and child from said rhythm.  Benefits for mom include: less stress, more energy, more fun and less discipline issues.  Benefits for the kiddos include: structure, consistency, less choice and more playtime.   I agree with Donna on all of these counts.  Having this rhythm in place helps us all to know what is coming next.  There are no surprises, transition times are easier and things that we really need are built into our day (playtime, fresh air, stories etc.)

Here is a look at our Spring Rhythm.  I have a mommy version hung on the side of my refrigerator and a kid version hanging from our big kitchen calendar.  The mommy version also includes a menu plan, chore rotation and ideas for activities.  The children’s version is much simpler than what is listed below and has pictures to help my non-readers know what is coming next 🙂

Wake Up

Mommy’s AM Routine (Bird Watching Included)
Quiet Play
Check email/Free Play
Snack and Story
Morning Activity (Kindermusik, Outside Adventure, Craft, Baking, Nature Project, Time with Friends)

Free Play
Sparkle Story/shower/lunch prep
Ready for school
Snack and Story
Afternoon activity (library, Kindermusik, Outside Play, Time with Friends, Project)
Outside Play
Dinner Prep/Show

Clean up/Free Play


Before Mommy’s Bedtime
20 minute straighten up
20 minute email/Facebook
Mommy’s PM Routine


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