Friday Finds……Feed Play Love Virtual Conference

First let me start off by saying that this Virtual Conference is FREE!  Yes, FREE!!!  I participated last year and learned soooo much from the amazing panel of speakers.  I am so excited to participate again.  They have so many new speakers lined up and a few of my favorites from last year.  I will admit that the knowledge you gain can be a bit overwhelming but it is so rich and worth it.  Because of last years conference we now drink raw milk, I better understand the differences of males and females and how to better relate with not only my son but my husband, I have embraced peaceful parenting (and am currently taking a course around it), I have limited screen time even more, I have TRIED to give up complaining (and I am more conscience when I do), I make more time for myself…..and that is only the beginning.

The conference is split into three weeks.  The first week is the Feed week, the second Play and the third Love.  This conference is designed to help inspire you to be the best parent that you can be and the wealth of knowledge and tips you will get is incredible.  There are 4 speakers each week so you can pick and choose if you do not have time to listen to each one.  Each podcast is also available for 48 hours after the set time for the speaker so you can listen in at your convenience.  I often listened after the kids were in bed with a load of laundry to fold, a cup of tea and a notepad to jot down ideas.

Click Here to learn more and to sign up!  It starts this month so register today 🙂


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