Friday Finds….Monkey Platters

This great blog post from Everyday Snapshots compares Unschooling to Monkey Platters.  I just loved it and have included an excerpt below.  To read the whole blog post, you can Click HERE.    I might just have to print it out and hand it to that crazy mother who attacked me a few weeks back 😉

To find out what a monkey platter is and how you can make one for your next lunch…click HERE!  I am definitely making these for lunch once a week 😉

Here is the excerpt:

“Unschooling, though, is not leaving kids alone to fend for themselves. Instead, unschooling is like making my kids a monkey platter for lunch. My job is to lovingly offer a wide variety of things for them to try and enjoy. Some things I put out there exactly because I know they will love and devour them. Some things I put out there because I think if they try them they will like them. Some things I put out there because even though they might not choose it on their own, they might eat it if I offer it — especially with a little sauce to dip it in.”


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  1. Mimi

    A great metaphor for unschooling… the Italians call thier monkey platters antipasto! 🙂

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