Getting Into Nature….Bird Watching

My Getting into Nature posts are inspired by Richard Louv’s book, Last Child in the Woods.  I hope you will join me each week as I work to get my children outdoors and exploring the wonderful world around them.

I took an ornithology course one summer while in college and it was by far the best course I have ever taken.  With only three students in the class, we could hop into one car and go out in the world to bird watch.  We met often times at the crack of dawn and even had one class at night where we “hunted” for whippoorwill (awesome experience!).  This class left me with a love and fascination for birds but unfortunately life got in the way and I forgot much of what I had learned.  That is until this year….this year with my children’s interest in birds I have brushed the dust off of my bird knowledge (so much has come back to me) and have fallen in love all over again.

Our entire family is so in tune with the birds around us and it has thus made us so much more in tune with nature.  We have noticed each and every plant grow and bloom this spring, we have noticed the trees in every stage throughout the spring, we notice each bug, squirrel and the two white tail deer that ran through out woods last week…we notice it all!  And the birds, oh the birds….we have seen so many different species this year and continue to learn how to recognize more and more all the time.  A nuthatch on a tree by the lake would have usually gone unnoticed but for me it became a 15 minute wonderful experience.  We pulled over the other day to watch this group of geese that my son pointed out, last year they may have gone unnoticed.  And the raptors, we can spy them from a mile away and are getting pretty good at identifying them too!

This weekend they are having a “Peregrine Falcon Festival” and we are all sooooo excited.  This is my son’s favorite bird and we can’t wait to see them up close and personal!



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3 responses to “Getting Into Nature….Bird Watching

  1. Mimi

    A Peregrine Falcon Festival! How neat! Where is it taking place?
    Did they do this just for Z!?!?!?!

    • I know, right? It is in Manchester….apparently there are some Peregrine nesting there and so part of the day is going out to see if they can be spotted!

  2. Amber W Richardson

    I saw an Oriole the other day. It was cool.

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