Today is a Big Day :)

Today my  30 Vegan Workshop begins and the Unschooling Summit starts!  I am currently listening to Pat Farenga while folding laundry and so far it is great.  Pat Farenga is a writer of many books and articles and an activist in the world of education.  He worked very closely with John Holt (the founder of the “Unschooling” movement), who he met while working in a bookstore (Holt use to come into the store often).  You can sign up for the Unschooling Summit for FREE, so check it out. The recordings are up for 24 hours after they play, so you don’t have to be home while the call is happening. It should be an educational few weeks for me 🙂

Enjoy the week!



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2 responses to “Today is a Big Day :)

  1. Mimi

    I’m still on the lookout for all my old Growing without Schooling magazines…. I sure hope that I didn’t throw them out during one of the clean-outs!!!
    I think Pat was the editor back then… met him in Boston/Cambridge one time when we went to an unshooling event … Scott was there too… he probably doesn’t remember.

  2. Kacie

    Speaking of vegan, I am trying to “green” up my diet. Made roasted Kale tonight and it was actually really good! Toying with the idea of tring a vegan diet :}

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