FREE Virtual Waldorf Conference!!!

I might be a bit crazy but I am signed up for another FREE Virtual Education conference.  This one begins the last day of the Unschooling Summit so it means that Friday the 1st will be a bit crazy but I think I am up for it 🙂  The 3rd Annual Waldorf Global Conference is FILLED with some of my favorite people.  Kim John Payne (my HERO) author of my BIBLE Simplicity Parenting will be speaking about the Rhythm of Homeschooling.  Jollete Jai, who I did my 40 Days to Peaceful Parenting course with, will be talking about communicating with your child.  David Sewell McCann from Sparkle Story fame will be talking about using Storytelling and Conflict Resolution in your homeschooling.  Janet Allison (whose book I have) will be talking about how to best reach our sons.  Sally Fallon, of Nourishing Traditions Fame (LOVE this book!!) will talking about Traditions in the Home. As well as many others, including Donna Ashton,founder of the conference and the Waldorf Connection.

As I said, the conference lasts 3 days and there are numerous speakers each day.  Each speakers talk will be up for 24 hours so you can access it if you miss the time of their presentation.  It will be 3 jam-packed days and I know I will be forced to pick and choose.  Click HERE if you want to sign up for this amazing conference….did I mention it is FREE??


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