Friday Finds…On Monday?

I couldn’t wait until Friday to share this video clip.  It is a bit old and some of you may have seen it as it was done in 2010.  If you have 9 minutes to spare (even if you only have a few minutes…just watch the beginning), watch this High School Valedictorian give an address about the issues and problems within the public institutions that she excelled in.  It is an amazing speech from this enlightened teen and it is especially fun to watch the staff members behind her become more and more uncomfortable as she speaks.

Click here to watch!

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One response to “Friday Finds…On Monday?

  1. Mimi

    She is special… You would have thought that all those kids would have been on their feet clapping and giving her great applause at some of the poignent points in her speech. They have been sufficiently dumbed down to the point where they didn’t even recognize that they might rally behind her. I think they were as shocked as the officials seated behind her. I would have loved to see what the administrator said who had to follow her speech!!!
    She must have had this boiling in her over the four years of her highschool.
    Wonder what she is up to now… two years later?
    Thanks for sharing!

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