A Very Special Valentine…

When I came downstairs yesterday I found this…


A Valentine for Wally’s Fish Burger.  The site melted my heart, something he did all on his own.  He is one sweet kid!


Today I woke early to set up for our Valentine’s Day breakfast when Wally came downstairs.  “Can I give Burger my card?”  he said with such excitement.  I then got to witness this special love between the boy and his 2 year old fish.  The fish who once died when we cleaned his bowl and somehow came back to life.  After that dramatic 3 days of “Do We Flush Him….no he is alive!”, we have never cleaned his bowl again and he has lived longer than any fish we have ever have.  Sweet Turkey Burger Fish…Burger for Short 🙂


Happy Valentine’s Day!!

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One response to “A Very Special Valentine…

  1. Kristen

    Ah so sweet 🙂 If only you could see him in the bowl!! Happy Valentines to you, Wally, Eva…and of course, Burger!

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