Facing My Fears from the Inside Out….

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For the past four weeks I have been participating in this amazing e-course through A Free Spirit Life, called Inside Out,  A Creative Adventure of Self Discovery. It is a 6 week e-course that uses art journaling, meditation, yoga and the power of community to help you make your own self-discoveries.   Shannon, the course facilitator, is incredible and I now understand why people take this class again and again.


The Inside Out course was carefully designed to meet your needs, wherever you are.  I am not an artist but Shannon and the rest of the group are so encouraging that I have been motivated to try some artistic things that are out of my comfort zone. The kids have also enjoyed all of the painting, collaging and drawing we have been doing lately.  I was really surprised at how freeing this form of self-expression has been for me.


During week two, Shannon had us confront and face our fears.  This has been an emotional journey for me but one that I am so glad I made time to do.  I decided to face the fears I have about Homeschooling and through journaling, discussion, meditation, collaging, crying and lots more discussion….I have made great gains.  I know that my fears are many of the same fears that every homeschooling parent has.  You know the ones….”Am I doing the right thing?, Am I messing up my child for life?, Will we find other homeschoolers we identify with?  What will the future hold?  Do I have what it takes?” I am sure even public school parents have many of the same fears.


Through this process I realized that every path has its share of rewards and challenges and it is important to trust ourselves.  It is through that trust or intuition that the right path for our family will be there.   I already have the most supportive husband and that is one of the key ingredients for a healthy homeschooling experience.  I just need to trust myself, lean on my support system and know that these fears are normal and okay to have. I am a pretty capable mama and teacher and I am so excited about the chance to give homeschooling a try.


This next year is going to be an exciting time filled with our share of low days.  No matter what the low days bring, it is   important that my kids not see my doubts or fear.   I want them to see a confident mama, a mama who they can rely on.  A mama who will encourage them and help them find the keys and tools for their life long learning success.  I am so ready for this adventure!


The opinions of this e-course are all my own and I am receiving nothing for sharing them with you.  When I find amazing things, I like to share and pass them on!


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  1. Janine Parkinson

    I am glad you are getting support and working on what is going on inside you and bringing it out. It takes a strong person to do this. Your upcoming journey will not be easy. You will face resistance in your choice and will have self-doubts. Both are normal. But, you are doing what is best for “Wally”. Who knows if it will be the right thing for his sister. You can also alter your choices/plans if you find it doesn’t work exactly as you have envisioned it. You are not going to “ruin” either of them, because you are going to make sure they have every opportunity to succeed. This may take many forms and avenues, but I know you will make sure it happens. You do have a great support system in your husband and in the extended family. It might not be the choice others in the family would make, but all still support you in your choice. There are going to be pit falls and obstacles along the way, but there will also be revelations and incredible rewards, too. You have to do what is best for your children and in turn yourself. Will it be easy? NO! Will it be demanding? YES! Will it be worth it? Only time will tell, but I think it will. I am there for you in can capacity. I have a lot at stake, too…my grandchildren and daughter!

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