Still Searching for My One Liner

I can’t seem to do it….I can’t seem to find a way to explain our reasons for wanting to Homeschool in one line or less.  “It is the path that feels right  for our family at this time” seems a bit unnatural to me and usually doesn’t cut it.  Most people want more information and this line then leads to many more follow-up questions.


It is rare around here that anyone would question a person’s decision to send their children to the Public Schools. Many do not blink an eye at the decision for Private Schooling and I am sure after a while no one will question the decision for Charter Schools either.  So why does Homeschooling get all the attention?  The number of homeschoolers continue to rise with each passing each year…..when will it be considered more of a norm?


When discussing our decision to homeschool, I am so careful to make sure that the other person feels comfortable in the conversation.  By doing this I sound like an idiot as I trip around our real reasons for wanting to homeschool.  I don’t want to make anyone feel badly about their decision, I truly believe there is no best decision or solution.  So why not give it to them straight?!?!  Why do I worry so much about how they feel or what they think?

This tiptoeing around the issue makes it is difficult for me to put our reasons into words when I am in the HOT SEAT.  Often times the other person becomes defensive and comes up with reasons why my son would do just fine in Public School.  In truth I am sure he would be just fine but we think there is a better option for him, something better than fine.


It is time to be honest with people and tell them that we do not like the direction the public schools are heading in.  We want our son in a learning environment where there is lots of time for exploration and discovery.  We are looking for a learning experience that is individualized, filled with adventure, lots of outdoor time and FUN.  There are so many opportunities for homeschoolers in our community and online.  We are excited to join learning co-ops, take interesting classes and experience all that life has to offer first hand.

It is time to stop worrying what others will think about our decision and OWN it!  Not everyone will agree with us, many will question the decision and some will think we are “odd” but in the end the people who matter most are on board with us and that is all we really need.


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2 responses to “Still Searching for My One Liner

  1. Janine Parkinson

    “It is the right choice for our family!”
    You shouldn’t need to defend yourselves. Yes, there will be people that don’t get it. I would have been one of those people not too many years ago. But, I feel, for your children, this is the best for them. He would do fine in public school, but not great. You will make it great for him!
    Your journey is not for everyone, or every child. I wish, in the public school, we could give the children the opportunities you will be able to give your children. The way public education is going, that will never happen. Maybe there will be some revolutionary changes…they will see the importance to spark kids desire for learning, not just go by the book.

    • Mimi

      Just tell people that your tyrant of a mother in law insisted or she wasn’t going to keep you in the will unless you tried homeschooling. Too much money at stake so you are going to try it for a while just to appease her. Let me know what their reaction is to that 🙂 The ONE thing I learned (the hard way) on my journey was to NOT share the deepest and strongest feelings about why we homeschooled. Trying to explain myself was exhausting and zapped my energy which I needed to focus on my kids and our journey of living, loving and learning. Frankly, I stopped caring about what was happening in education and that was very freeing. You see… it becomes less about the direction of where the schools are going… and all about the direction of where your kids… your family are going… doing… being. So be at peace with your decision. You’ve made a choice… now FLY!

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