A Date With My Son

I wish that I had a taken a picture to remember this very special day but the memories will have to be enough.  This past weekend my good friend and I took our sons on a date.  Wally was so excited about this time alone with me and his best buddy.  He could not believe that the little sisters would not be there, “Just me and Michael??” he asked over and over.  This made me smile and I assured him that it was just mama’s and sons today.

We started off our date at a wonderful “Become an Astronaut” program run by a private school.  The students designed and ran the program and it was a lot of fun.  The boys created their own astronaut suits, blasted off into space and then went searching for alien creatures (that they then crafted out of recyclables).  I think the alien creation was their favorite part of the program because they talked about it through lunch and Wally came home and created more aliens with Daddy and Eva.

After our time in space, we blasted down to Earth to a local restaurant with a gluten-free menu (a must these days).  The moms sat on one side and the boys cozied up with books on the other.  They chatted about their aliens and what they could do, about Star Wars and of course Angry Birds.  Often when we are together, the boys are off playing and so this was a rare glimpse at their great friendship.  So nice to see them smiling, laughing and chatting.

While the boys chatted and then somehow got our phones to show each other the latest moves in Angry Birds…the moms chatted about kids and life.  It was such a nice time for us “good buddies” to catch up and relax.  When lunch was finished we agreed that we must do this again.  Such a special time just mama’s and sons and who knows maybe their will even be a Mamas and Daughters date sometime soon too.


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