Friday Finds…A Former HS Teacher Warns Colleges about the Class of 2013

This interesting article (Click Here to Read It) contains part of a letter from a newly retired High School Teacher.  In the letter he apologizes to college campuses for the Class of 2013 (his daughter’s class) who will be attending college this fall.  He claims that they are very bright but unprepared as they were in 3rd grade when the  “No Teacher Left Standing” “No Child Left Behind Act” was passed.  These students grew up in the Age of Testing and thus are great test takers but not great writers or thinkers.

The class of 2013 was my first class of second graders, and they were extremely bright.  I hope that many of them had the family support to overcome the holes in their education, although I know that many did not.  Now that these students of the Age of Testing are going to be in college, hopefully someone will finally take the drastic measures needed to right this Educational Ship.  If not, we will continue to slip further and further down the ranks and our society as a whole will suffer.


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