Chain Reaction

This AMAZING You Tube Video (please click here to watch it) has inspired my Wally.  It is not a long video and I think you will enjoy it, so please click on the link before you watch Wally’s videos below.

The kids have watched this video again and again and Wally has truly studied it.  He wanted to create his own “chain reaction” and went back to the video to find ways to make that happen.


Wally got out the dominos, some toy cars and other toys and then learned some important lessons in both Physics and Trial and Error.  He worked at it (with some assistance) for over an hour and finally got it to work.  It was so fun to watch the wheels in his brain turning as he problem solved and would try something new.  Here are two videos of the final result 🙂

I have a feeling this is just the beginning of some amazing Chain Reactions that Wally will create.  He is already working on a second that involves a fan!



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2 responses to “Chain Reaction

  1. Kristen

    Great job Z! Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Neene/Mom

    Awesome! I love chain reactions…maybe we can try some together, too.

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