Major League Tee-Ball Schedule

The other day I received my son’s Tee-Ball Schedule.  I had heard horror stories about this schedule but it was quite different to see it in person.  My son has 18 games or practices in 6 weeks….18!!!  When we were kids, Tee-Ball was not this time intensive, it was just a chance to expose the kids to the sport once or maybe twice a week.

I never played Tee-Ball, my town didn’t have it when I was small, I started with regular softball.  I remember my childhood softball schedules being busy but I do not remember having 3 games in a week and I played through High School.  Our kids are not going to be Major Leaguers, so why does the schedule have to look like we are raising them to be such?


My son has loved the idea of “baseball” since he was a toddler.  We got him a plastic tee for the back yard and at age one he could hit the ball.  This moved into hitting a wiffle ball without the tee a year later and now “playing baseball” is one of his favorite things to do on a nice day.

I had considered signing him up for Tee-Ball a few years ago when he was eligible but heard about the crazy schedule and decided free time was more important than baseball.   We had always said we would wait until he was older for organized sports but then wondered if this would be more difficult in the end.  Tee-Ball is probably the most gentle league to be in and without exposure in this league, would he be set up for failure later?


Wally is on a good friend’s team and for that I am grateful.  I know he will have fun and will learn a lot.  I just wish our nation took a simpler approach to organized sports.  An approach that didn’t over schedule our children and focused more on the learning and on the fun.  I can’t imagine those already over scheduled kids who then have to fit three days of baseball a week into their already busy lives, we are struggling with working around our one afterschool activity.

Despite the crazy schedule, I am looking forward to being at the field.  I LOVE baseball and it will be fun to watch Wally play.  We just need to brace ourselves for a CRAZY spring and hopefully a lot of FUN!  Play Ball…..



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