Prepping for the Crazy Month of May

It has been a crazy week around here and I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed.  May is going to be even worse and I am already nervous.  In May we have t-ball 3 times a week, Eva’s Baptism and party, Wally’s school play and Kindergarten graduation, spring projects at my Family’s Cottage, Kindermusik Graduation, me volunteering at two major events, hosting bookclub, yard work, taking 2 classes for recertification, remodeling the bathroom and then add in the rest of our weekly schedule…..CRAZY!


I am trying to find some time this week to breathe and prepare.  The other day I came across this post that was over on Simple Homeschool last week.   It is a “dozen pieces of homeschooing advice” by Sarah Small and it was just what I needed.  I will be a newbie to homeschooling next year and I have so much guilt that I have not been able to spend anytime thinking about it right now.  I feel so far behind and wish there was time for planning, reading, organizing and dreaming about our homeschool experience.  The fact is that it does not have to be perfect!  As long as our paperwork is filed on time, we will be okay.  All of the rest will fall into place and I want Wally to be involved in the planning, organizing and dreaming parts as well.

So if I don’t finish the 3 books on my nightstand or have a new bookshelf in place or even have a clue how the day will run by the time September comes….it is okay.  As long as I can put these 12 things into place (especially 3, 5 and 12), we will be okay.


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