55ish Things to Do During Screen Free Week


Screen Free Week is this week and the kids and I are once again participating.  I do go online once a day and check my email but other than that, we are completely screen free.  What about blogging you ask??  Not to worry, most of my blogposts have been pre-written for the week and are scheduled to go out while I’m off-line.

One of our favorite things to do before the week begins is to make a list of things we can do other than watch TV or play Wii. My children don’t spend a lot of time in front of screens on a regular basis…usually 60-90 minutes a day.  Weeks we are sick that number goes up and since we just got over some week long illnesses and my back being out, it is time to take a break.


The kids came up with quite a few things to do instead of watch TV and these are now posted in front of the TV as a reminder.  I decided that this year I would come up with my own things to do so that if I was tempted to jump on the computer (I don’t really watch too much TV) I’d have something to distract me.  So here are our lists:

The Kids List

play outside on swings, listen to books on tape, play princesses, listen to Sparkle Stories, sidewalk chalk, ride bikes, read books, play Mario K’Nex, snuggle on Mommy’s bed, play dinosaurs, practice for Wally’s School play, work on our May Day project, play Star Wars, play Ballerina Class, Lego Time, Board Games, Art Projects, Bake Cookies, play Dress Up, T-Ball Games, go to the Park, make costumes for Wally’s School Play, Puzzles, Bubbles, make May Day Crowns and Practice Kindermusik, Work on our Summer Passports

Mommy’s (and maybe Daddy) List

listen to podcasts, read the new Sophie Kinsella book, prep for my bookclub meeting this week, spring clean, cook (although I’m pretty sick of this one by now), bird watch, go for a walk, yoga, meditate, call a friend, write a letter, read a homeschooling book, organize the basement, learn tennis, make fairy houses with the kids, do my PT exercises, plan for homeschooling, scrapbook, figure out my Teacher Recertification, play cards, work on my quilt, journal, work on my GAPS recipe binder, cloud watch, listen to the Waldorf Conference from last year (before this one), revisit my Peaceful Parenting Material,  plan for the baptism or listen to Sparkle Stories  (I love them just as much as the kids!!)

Here is hoping that it is an easy week!!!


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