Friday Finds….8th Grader Writes Her Own Standardized Test

A very bright 8th Grader in NY decided to create her own version of the Standardized Tests that she has been exposed to throughout her school years and in doing so she has gotten quite a bit of attention.   Sophia Steven’s version of the test questioned the validity of these nationwide measures in her own creative way.

“Dear New York State,

I am not fond of your tests. They do not show you who I am, or who my teachers are. For example, if a student is a bad test taker, you would look at her test and think she is a bad student. What happens if a kid is just having a bad day? You would only see that one test and and think he was an unsatisfactory pupil. Imagine how stressed the teachers are having to rely on their students’ test scores as a form of evaluation.”

Click Here to read the rest of the article and to see Sophia’s actual version of the test.  Make sure you read through the questions she wrote as well.  If 8th graders are questioning the quality of their education, I hope it is only a matter of time before some real change starts to happen.


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