A Beautiful Day for a Welcoming Ceremony

The sun was shining down on us yesterday as we baptized Eva at her grandparents farm.  It was a beautiful and personal small outdoor ceremony with family and friends.  The minister was incredible and worked with us to plan this very special time for our family.  During the ceremony the four godparents were asked to each represent a character trait that they possess and to guide Eva throughout her life in this trait.  Amber represents Honesty, Joe Adventure, Andy Reliability and Kristen Thankgiving.  The four traits spelled out HART, a place where we know they hold Eva dear.  Each godparent was given a princess power ring with their letter on it and so when they come together it spells HART.

Eva did not wear the flower girl dress from her Auntie Kiki’s wedding, like I had envisioned two years ago when it was given to her, but that was okay.  Instead she frolicked through the space in her regular clothes, spreading rose petals, picking grass and hiding under momma’s skirt 🙂  The flower girl dress hung on a chair that we had reserved just for Auntie Kiki, a place for her to visit from Heaven and participate in the ceremony.

Each godparent, grandparent and Wally brought a bit of water to contribute to the baptismal water.  The water came from many different places, places that were special to each of them.  We then gave each person in the circle a PINK gerber daisy (my wedding flower and Eva’s favorite color).  The minister then dipped the flower into the bowl of water and I sprinkled it all over my beautiful baby girl.  The baptism ended with my dad singing one of Eva’s favorite songs while Uncle Pete played the guitar.  This was cut short because she was not loving all the attention but we did make it through a verse 🙂

After the ceremony it was time for a Mexican Pink Fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo.  After the party we got some time in on the beach to celebrate Mimi’s birthday.  The entire day was a gift.  It was a beautiful day in a beautiful space with so many people we love!  Thanks to everyone who helped to make it so special.



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One response to “A Beautiful Day for a Welcoming Ceremony

  1. Mimi

    A wonderful time to remember forever…
    Love & HUGS:)

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