So Many Gifts

photo-5I was spoiled with love and gifts this Mother’s Day.  We spent the weekend with my family at the lake and the sun even came out for a bit on Mother’s Day.  Before we left for the lake, there was a knock at the door with two cute little kids, a pink rose and some cookies.  They thanked me for being one of their favorite moms!!  It was so very sweet and I was so grateful for this kind gesture.  The day before we were at a birthday party for a dear friend and the birthday girl handed out roses to all of the mom’s for Mother’s Day.  So very sweet.


Wally came home from school with this beautiful hand panted pot made from his finger prints…..tears they were flowing with this gift!  There was a beautiful hanging plant left on my doorstop by the “plant fairies” and a gift card to buy some new clothes because my clothes are getting baggy these days 🙂  And then hugs and kisses in the early morning of Sunday from my two little cherubs made the day start in a very special way.
I even bought myself a present this year.  My mother had given Eva a Willow Tree figurine holding a bouquet of flowers for her baptism.  I added this to our window which already had a husband and wife, a mother and baby and a father and baby and realized something was missing….Wally!  I had Wally pick out his own figurine and so now the family is complete in the window.  It makes me smile every time I walk by it for it reminds me of my beautiful family.  This job of mother is a gift and the very best job I have ever had!




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