My Little Boy

My little boy graduated from Kindergarten on Friday night and words can not describe the emotion I felt watching him up on that stage.  The evening started with a beautiful slideshow that a friend made of the Kindergarten class.  Her song selections were perfect and she had me crying from the first frame.  It was a beautiful capture of their time at Montessori.

After the movie, the kids came out in full BUG costume and started their play.  It was an absolute riot and I cried off and on during the whole thing.  Z was a Bee and did an incredible job.  He had been sooooo nervous about performing all day on Friday but after the rehearsal in the auditorium on Friday afternoon, all those fears seemed to melt away.  The boy owned the stage, nailed his line, was in character the whole time and as his Mimi said, “gave 120% of himself”.  He was so darn cute and I found myself laughing and crying through the entire show.


A few weeks ago, Z told me that we weren’t allowed to yell “Encore” because there wouldn’t be time for one.  Little did I know that this was a set up for even more emotion for Mama 🙂  They surprised us all with an encore of “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and I am crying just thinking about it.  They had tambourines, hand movements and sang their little hearts out.  As Z sang, his eyes were pointed to our section the whole time, it felt like he was singing to me.  And as he did the past 6 and 1/2 years flashed through my mind….my little boy is growing up.


I cannot recall a moment where I have been more proud of Z.  He overcame his fears of performing in front of an audience and discovered something he now loves.  He has told me that he wants to be in a play again soon and that he has plans to write his own play.  The acting bug is in his genes and it seems to have bit the little lad.  Friday night once again confirmed for me that his school is an amazing place.  I am sad to see this chapter of his life come to an end but so excited to see where the next chapter takes him.

Thanks Z for giving all of us in your cheering section an amazing gift on Friday night.  We so enjoyed your show and watching you shine up on that stage.  We love you very much!


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  1. Katherine G

    Congrats Wally! How wonderful! I’m tearing up just reading! LOVE the bee costume!

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