Camp Mama!


The kids and I are sooooo excited about the upcoming summer and our fun summer plans.  Every year we make a Summer Adventure List of our hopes and dreams.  This year the list is bigger than ever but there is still room for LOTS of lazy and quiet days too.

In addition to our Summer Adventure List we created our own Camp Mama!  We sat down together and brainstormed a list of themes , they are scheduled out on the calendar and I have started researching activities, field trips and books for each theme.  Each week will be filled with fun and easy activities, a sampling platter if you will of the subject matter.  I told Z that if he wants to do more in-depth study around any of these topics, we will work on them next year while homeschooling.   Here on the blog I plan to share the plan for each week of camp, feel free to join us with your own home summer camp if you wish.  It should be a fun learning adventure and a great way to learn some new and fun things this summer.


Here are this summer’s themes!!

Week 1-All About Birds

Week 2-Night Camp

Week 3-Wacky World of Sports

Week 4–Happy Birthday America!

Week 5 and 6–Ocean Fun

Week 7–Dinosaurs

Week 8–Star Wars and Princesses

Week 9–Inventors Unite with a little Kitchen Chemistry

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  1. Love. Love. Love. I am pinning this for summer 🙂

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