A Summer Preview


This past week we had a bit of a heat wave in New England.  Temperatures went from 40 degrees on Sunday to 90 degrees on Thursday!  We decided to change our plans and head to the lake for Saturday/Sunday to enjoy some of this pre-summer weather.


The whole family was in the water both days even though the water temp was only 59 degrees!  It was a bit chilly at first (breathtaking really) but you did get use to it and it felt good after being so hot on the shore.  It was a quick trip but felt like a mini vacation.  The kids had a blast and spent most of their time in the water.  They roasted marshmallows, played baseball, went out for ice cream and just made it in to shore before a HUGE lightning storm began.  It was a wild and rainy ride home but worth it for the two days away.


On the way home we got to spend some time with Neene (Z and Lil’C’s grandmother) while we took a break from the rainy drive.  She couldn’t make it this trip because she was busy packing up her classroom.  She is on the road to retirement and though she missed this weekend, she won’t be missing too many more once she is footloose and fancy free!

Oh and on a side note, I have decided to change Wally and Eva’s names back to Z and Lil’C.  I am a bit tired of living a double life on the two blogs and want to keep things more consistent as I merge them together next fall.  The kids picked the names Wally and Eva from their favorite movie WALL-E and I have loved them but it is time to change them back 🙂  So please bear with me as we make the switch and stay tuned next fall as we move the blog over here permanently.

We hope you had a good weekend everyone.


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