Camp Mama–All About Birds Week


This week is a week for me as much as it is for the kids.  I LOVE birds, I have always loved birds but truly fell in love when I took my Ornithology class in college.  Birding is something that you lose when you do not practice and unfortunately I have lost much of what I learned in that wonderful class.  I have been working hard to catch up, have learned some new things over the last year too but there is still so much to learn.


For this week we will be starting a journal of all of the bird species we see over the summer, our own version of “A Big Year”.  We will be studying hummingbirds and learning the calls of the birds in our own backyard.

So here is the plan for this exciting week of feathered friends:


-Learn the calls of chickadees, phoebes, cardinals, titmice

-Learn to identify different finches and sparrows

-Bird craft

-Make a “Big Year” journal

-Bird Watching

-Attract Hummingbirds to our Feeder

Field Trips

-Audubon Society

-Ecotarium to see the Eagles

Book Basket

National Geographic Kids Birds of North America

-Stellaluna by Janell Cannon

-Bluebird by Bob Staake

-Backyard birds of summer by Carol Learner

-Birds by Kevin Henkes

-The Best Nest by PD Eastman

-Guide to Backyard Birds by Julie Mancini

Touch Table



-bird ID books

-egg shell


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