Camp Mama–Night Camp/Summer Solstice


This week is Night Camp!  It is the week to explore space, Summer Solstice and find out what life is like when the sun goes down.  I use to work at an environmental camp and there was a theme called Night Camp.  Here the kids would gradually adjust their schedule over the course of the week so that by the last night they were up all night long.  It was so much fun and gave them a chance to explore nocturnal animals, try out different experiments, swim at night, star gaze and so much more.  When my kids are older, I hope to do something very similar but for now we will do a JR version of Night Camp.  Here is what we have planned….


Watch “Tonights Sky”–We do this every month but decided to wait until this week to watch this month’s edition.

-Bring out the Cardboard Rocket Ship that they made last winter

-Planet Hop on the Driveway-Draw the Solar System and play a hopscotch sort of game

-Day vs. Night Experiment-Can you run, jump, skip, count, sing etc. faster during the day or at night???

Make a Sunflower Sundial 

-Sun Pictures to decorate for Summer Solstice

-Sun Hunt-Make Little Suns and Hide them Around the Yard and then Find them 🙂

Field Trips

-Planetarium Trip

-“Camp Out” in the Back Yard

Book Corner

-The Longest Day of the Year by Wendy Pfeffer

-Grandpa Takes Me to the Moon–by Timothy Gaffney

-Comets, Stars, the Moon and Mars: Space Poems and Paintings by Douglas Florian

-There is no Place Like Space by Tish Rabe

-You are The First Kid on Mars by Patrick O’Brien

-Space Vehicles by Anne Rockwell

-Our Stars by Anne Rockwell

And TONS of Space Reference Books

Hands-on Table

-star chart





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