Friday Finds…..Mothering With Heart

mothering-with-heart-logoI am sooooo excited about the e-course I am going to be starting in a few weeks.  It is called Mothering with Heart and it is being run by Shannon Kinney who is AMAZING!  I took Shannon’s Inside Out Course this past winter and it changed my life. She is an incredible coach and so inspiring.  I so appreciate all she has to offer.

This new four-week Mothering with Heart e-course starts July 8th.  It will be a struggle to balance both this and my math graduate class but I know it will be worth it.  I am looking forward to spending some more time concentrating on my role as mom and think this will help inspire me for the year of homeschooling ahead.   Shannon is an artist and there is a huge creative component to each of her courses.  I am looking forward to dusting of my art supplies and revisiting my creative side that has been dormant since the last course I took with her 🙂

Here is a little bit from Shannon’s website about the course:

In this Mothering with heART e-course experience, you will enjoy making art with and alongside your children, while at the same time become inspired to dig deeper into your heart and pull out what’s ready to manifest. You will build courage in your innate abilities to mother, enrich your creativity, and embrace your inner wisdom, beauty and joy…  And that, mama, is a beautiful way to be.

So will you join me??  It should be a fun and inspiring four weeks of weekly art projects to do with your kids, daily reflections, group sessions and so much more.  I am so ready and excited for this incredible summer journey.


Happy Summer Solstice!!!

I am not getting any compensation for promoting this e-course.  I just love to share great things when I find them!

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