Camp Mama–Wacky World of Sports


This week is all about SPORTS!  This is one of Z’s favorite subjects and he is super excited about this week.  We have a stack of books from the library, a bunch of adventures planned and our favorite sporting event songs on the ipod.  Here is what we have planned…..



-park sports

-backyard sports

-dance party to our favorite sports songs


-learn the rules of tennis

-learn the rules of soccer

-watch the movie the Sandlot or Mighty Ducks

-invent our own sport

Field Trips

-Tennis Camp for Z

-Minor League Baseball Game

(we are actually doing this during Ocean Week and going to the Ocean this week…..funny how things work out!)


-Park Day Sports

Book Corner (Can you tell which sport we in this house??)

-86 Years, the legend of the Boston Red Sox by Melinda Boroson

-Stacy the Soccer Fairy by Daisy Meadows

-The Babe and I by David Adler

-Wally the Green Monster Book by Jerry Remy

-The Fenway Foul Up by David Kelly

-Zachary’s Ball by Matt Tavares

-Angelina Ice Skates

-Dino Basketball

and lots of resource books about Tennis, Basketball, Football, Swimming, Soccer, Gymnastics, Baseball and many others

Hands on Bucket

Our ball bucket will be filled with balls, indoor hockey pucks and sticks, bats, tennis rackets and so much more!

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