Camp Mama–Happy Birthday America!


It is time to celebrate America’s birthday and we are ready with Happy Birthday America! week.  We have pulled out our 4th of July t-shirts, necklaces, decorations, sparklers, Patriotic I-tune Playlist and glow sticks….we are ready for some Patriotic Fun!  Here is what we have planned for this week.


-Learn the words to “Oh Beautiful”

-Patriotic craft

-Bake a Yummy Snack

-Create a Patriotic Photo Alphabet book

-Have a family parade 🙂

-Special 4th of July Breakfast

Field Trips


-5 BBQs and Parties

-Zach’s first golf outing

Book Corner

-What is 4th of July by Elaine Landau

-One if by Land-A Massachusetts Alphabet Book by Heidi E.Y. Stemple

-Liberty’s Journey by Kelly DiPucchio

-Happy Birthday America! by Marsha Wilson Chall

-Apple Pie 4th of July by Janet S. Wong

-America, A Patriotic Primer by Lynne Cheeney

-Olivia Forms a Band by Ian Falconer

Hands-On Table

-A Flag

-the Ipod with our Patriotic Playlist

-Red, White and Blue Paper for crafting


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