Camp Mama-Happy Birthday America Recap

Happy Birthday America

Wow!  We definitely celebrated America’s birthday in a big way.  With 5 BBQs (4 of them birthday parties), a 4th of July birthday breakfast, a homemade kid parade, a trip to RI, a trip to an Island on the lake, making decorations for our house, 2 outings for fireworks, a patriotic craft at the library, a playdate with friends, Z’s first golf outing, two trips to visit my mom and many late nights…..we are EXHAUSTED.  I am excited that Ocean Week is a two week theme because it will give us some time to rest and really enjoy it.

We never got to make our ABC book this week but we did brainstorm the list of words.  I think this may grow into a project for us during the school year.  The kids were really excited about it and hopefully we will have more time to dedicate to it then, life was just too busy this week.  We did read a lot of great 4th of July books this week, this was our favorite:


It is about a family reunion that happens every 4th of July and all that they do.  This book inspired us to have birthday candles at our 4th of July breakfast.  It was a fun read 🙂

We hope you had fun last week celebrating America’s Birthday.  The next two weeks are all about the Ocean (although we went tide pooling during Sports week and we are going to a baseball game today) and so check back later this week to see what we will be up to!

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