Scott has joined me on GAPS!!


Well it has been over 3 months since I started my GAPS journey and I can honestly say it has changed my life for the better. I know GAPS is a two year program but I have a feeling I will be following this way of life for the rest of my days.  There is still much work left to be done but I am so happy with the results so far.  I am down 15 pounds (18 on a good day), have more energy and less pain, no longer crave sugar or coffee and feel pretty great.  Last week I added exercise to my routine and started Beachbody’s Les Mills Combat.  I LOVE working out again, but it has been rough on my back.  I am thinking that a month or two of dedicated core work will help prep me better for  Combat.  It  is a fun kick boxing like program and a lot of fun, right up my alley and I sooooo want to do it.  So hopefully after some serious core, I will be ready to kick box again 🙂

In other news, Scott has joined me on GAPS!!!  This decision has been a month in the making but he has been on the diet for a week and I am so proud of him.  He has also started running and working out again, he is on a new healthy road.  Scott rarely puts himself first and I told him that our 36th year (my birthday is this week and he turns 36 in August) is all about getting healthy.  He has started surfing again and is even joining me for some core workouts which is fun.

Cooking for two on GAPS is a bit more time consuming but the hardest part is planning for Scott’s long days away from home.  I need to figure out some easy breakfasts for him and have to always remember to make more dinner so there will be leftovers.  He has been so patient with me as I work to figure this all out.  He is committed to GAPS for a month but I am hoping he can go a bit longer and maybe even do intro this winter.  I hope that this major lifestyle change helps Scott with many of the nagging issues he has been dealing with and helps him to feel really great.


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