Friday Finds….Hands Free Mama

Back in April I was introduced to the blog Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford.   It is a beautiful blog about setting aside technology and distractions and being present with your kids.  The first post I read of Rachel’s was called, Six words You Should Say Today.  After reading this post, taking this simple idea and seeing it’s power first hand with Z, I was hooked on her blog and subscribed right away.

I have a LONG way to go before I will consider myself a Hands Free Mama but I am currently taking baby steps to get there.  These steps include keeping my phone upstairs during the day, taking a break from FB, canceling all plans for three days last week when we all needed a break and keeping my to-do list shorter 🙂  The other day Rachel wrote a wonderful post called, Ending the Stoplight Excuses.  This post, like all her posts really hit home for me.   I am very guilty of using my phone in the car.  I will place calls, check emails at stop lights and it needs to STOP.  I have started to keep my phone on silent in my bag, just as Rachel does and it really has made an impact.  I am less distracted, less frazzled and feeling more present to my kids.

I highly recommend you check out Hands Free Mama’s beautiful blog.  She is filled with great wisdom to help slow life down and live in the present.


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  1. Mimi

    Well I can see how I most probably made my kids feel never good enough…. Lucky you found these six words early on:) We are stuck in a world of “correcting” when we should be content with just “being”. Afterall… the best flowers in the garden are the ones that volunteer and establish temselves all on their own… with little help from the gardener who just sits back in awe and wonder … and love. Well… here goes… right from the heart… with a few tears thrown in… I just love watching your little family grow and bloom! Happy Birthday daughter, Jess:)

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