Ocean Week Recap

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What a fun two weeks we had exploring the sea!!!!  We started off our Ocean Study with a picnic dinner on the beach at our favorite beach in Maine.  We found HUGE clamshells and splashed in the waves.  The rest of week ONE was spent reading about the ocean, making ocean pictures, playing with our ocean models and drawing life size whales in our driveway.  It was a great week.


Week 2 was spent in Maine in a little cottage on Freeport Harbor where and we had the BEST vacation!  The weather was amazing (90 and sunny almost EVERYDAY) and we spent so much time in the ocean.  This is year two for us in this cottage and it  sits right over the water at high tide. It was so much fun watching the tides come in and out each day.  We spent time swimming, tide pooling, Scott gave Z his first surf lessons, we built sand castles, beach combed, went to a Botanical Garden, visited the “Big Boot” at LLBean, made fairy houses on an island and had so much FUN!  The highlight was a trip on Uncle Joe’s boat where we saw dozens of Harbor Seals up close and personal!!!!  Such a great two weeks of ocean study and now we are on to the preshistoric friends of the past….DINOSAURS.  Check back later on in the week to see what we are up to.






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