The Dino Week That Never Was…..


A little to Z’s disappointment, Dino week never took off.  We came home from vacation Monday afternoon and were faced with laundry, unpacking and settling back into home.  During the week he had camp, went to his first Red Sox game, we went to a water park, got our windshield fixed and mommy had lots to do for the Kiki Event last Saturday… Dino Week fizzled.  We talked part way through the week and decided that we would focus on Dino’s in the fall for Homeschool and we changed the week to “Creation Week”.


This was a great fit for the work we were doing for the Kiki Event and we all had so much fun!  Lil’C made a fairy garden and some sunflower hats, Z built Lego cities and they both made coloring books, painted masks and made birthday cards for their great grandmother.  The house was a giant mess last week but I kept telling myself that creativity is not always neat.  The products of the week were great and so the mess was over looked (sort of).


This week is all about princess and legos and we kicked off the week with meeting princess Belle and will end the week at Lego Land.  Check back later in the week to see what else we have planned.  Have a great week!


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