Stepping Back in Time

Recently I was so fortunate to be able to step back into a simpler time, a time before I was a wife and a mother, the time when I was a teacher.  We had a reunion of my former students, their families and staff and it such an incredible night.  I got very emotional as some of these grown up people approached me with giant smiles and hugs.  These faces that I haven’t see in a few years who are now either in college, heading off to college soon or in High School.  Seeing the families and fellow teachers that I loved so much was such a special treat for me.  The school I worked at has such a special place in my heart and the turnout for the reunion shows just how great it was.

Folks are thinking about doing a reunion like this once a year and I hope that they do.  It was great to have my own kids there so they could meet everyone but it was very difficult to socialize with others because my attention was divided.  Z and Lil’C had their good buddies to play with which was great but Lil’C fell and banged herself up early in the night which meant a lot of tears and time trying to settle her.


Over all it was a magical night and I am so blessed to have had those amazing four years of my life to look back on and revisit.  It was so nice to see how well my former students have turned out and how beautiful they all are.  I went to bed that night with a big smile on my face and so much love in my heart.  It was so nice to step back in time for an evening.




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