Friday Finds…”How to Make Time Slow Down”


This beautiful post from Sarah Markley (Click Here) really hit home for me.  It is the simple changes that we make in our lives that can help us to slow down our lives and appreciate all of the good things going on around us.  This post inspired me and I have looked for small changes to make to simplify life.  The first was to remove facebook from my phone.  Now this is not a big change but has had a big impact.  Facebook was something I’d mindlessly do while waiting for someone rather than noticing my surroundings.  By taking it off my phone I am calmer and notice all that is going on in nature around me and have returned to one of my favorite past times “people watching”.

I  have only had my smartphone for a year and so many bad habits have formed in the last year.  I am going to work hard to use it as a phone and camera and try to eliminate much of the rest.

What small changes can you make in your life to slow things down???

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