Shockingly Easy!

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI finally got around to registering Z for Homeschooling next year and I was shocked with how easy it was and how little information they need.  Apparently they legally need to know his name, address, date of birth, his parents names and have a parent signature.  That is it!  I registered him in less than a minute.

Now we wait for the letter of approval, our ticket to discounts at local stores for school supplies 🙂  From there we keep a portfolio over the course of the year with samples of his work and then we will have a certified Educator review it at the end of the year to see that he is working on grade level.  As a former teacher, I cannot remember anything that was ever this simple to do.  Education usually involves lots of needless paperwork but this process was one simple form.  I am sure registration is the easiest thing I will do in our homeschooling journey but it sure is nice to start off on this easy note!


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