Friday Finds….New Podcast from Sparkle Stories!!!

ICON_podcastAs you know over here at Magic School House, we LOVE Sparkle Stories.  We have been subscribers to their stories for the past year and a half and listen to them daily.  We LOVE Martin and Sylvia and Junkyard Tales the best and are so excited about this new addition to the world of Sparkle Stories.

Sparkle Stories has a new podcast on iTunes and it is FREE!  By signing up for this new podcast you will be able to download 5 free stories right away and 3 of them are brand new.  We are most excited about the brand new Martin and Sylvia story on the podcast.  Each week they will post a new story for FREE!  What do you have to lose?? This is a great way to try out Sparkle Stories if you are still unsure about subscribing.  It is some of the best money we spend each month and I highly recommend you check them out.

Click Here to read all the details about the new podcast and download your five free stories!!


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