Our Favorite Summer Reads


This summer we tried to read all of the books for ages 3-6 on the Reading Rockets Summer Reading List (read all but 2) and a few from ages 6-9.  We wanted to share our favorites with you today!

Ages 3-6


1.  Benjamin Bear in Bright Ideas!  by Phillippe Coudray

The kids thought this book was very funny.  It is set up in a comic book style and Z was able to read it after one read.  Each page has a different funny “story”.  It was very cute and well liked by Z and C.

2.  The Book Boat’s In by Cynthia Cotton

I LOVED this book.  It is a story based on the book boats of long ago.  Before there were libraries, boats with books would float from town to town down river and towns folk could buy or borrow the books.  The illustrations in this book were beautiful and I loved the story.  The kids really enjoyed it too!

3. Building Our House by Jonathan Bean

This was a great book about a family who built their own house.  You go with them step by step as they build and it was nice for my kids to see what goes into building a house.  It was a family and community affair and such a special story.

4.  Chu’s Day by Neil Gaiman

This was a silly book that left my kids in stitches.  They loved this funny, little story and asked to have it read again and again.

Ages 6-9

1.  Stallion at Starlight by Mary Pope Osborne

We LOVE Magic Treehouse and have read all but 4 in the series.  This book was another great story and we enjoyed learning a bit about horses.  We are looking forward to reading the next Jack and Annie, Hurry Up Houdini, as soon as we can get it from the library!


2.  National Geographic Kids Bird Guide of North America by Jonathan Alderfer

This book is a beautiful bird book that I plan to buy Z for his birthday.  The illustrations are bright, the text is easy to read and there is a lot of great bird knowledge in this book.  We kept this book as long as the library would let us, it was such a gem!

3.  I Scream Ice Scream! A Book of Wordles by Amy Krouse Rosenthal

This book was a bit old for my kids, they didn’t understand many of the wordles, and so I had to explain a lot of it.  I found the book VERY entertaining though and it is a great book to teach older kids the different meanings for similar sounding phrases.


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