Our Map of the Year

IMG_5422On Labor Day we sat down as a family and made our “Map of the Year”.  This map contained all of the different things each member of the family wants to learn this year.  We were inspired by Martin and Sylvia of Sparkle Story fame and did it by subject area just like they did.  Each subject was its own island and each member of the family had a color to write down their own goals around that island.  Here are some highlights from the map:

Z was heavy around the “Science Island”. There is so much that he wants to learn about and I can’t wait to dive in.  Some other highlights is that he wants to learn some subtraction, how to bake cookies and wants to get his blog going again.

Lil’C wants to learn all about Care Bears 🙂  She also wants to learn to write her name, wants to make pancakes and learn to count to 50!

Daddy wants to learn about the history of New England Rock Walls, wants to read about surfing and was heavy in the projects that he hopes to complete.

I want to continue my study of birds, learn some new and fun recipes for the GAPS diet and learn a song on the piano this year.

This map will be turned into short and longterm goals for each family member and those goals will be revisited throughout the year.  The map has been put away so that we can revisit it when we make next years map.  I think it will be a fun keepsake to have.


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