Our First Week!

imageThis summer somebody stopped Z on the beach of the lake and asked, “When do you start school?”.  His answer was priceless (so glad my mother heard it)….he said, “I am learning all the time!”  This is now my motto of our homeschool because we are learning all the time.

Today ends our first official week of homeschooling.   How goes it you ask?  I am happy to say that it is going really well.  We have eased in slowly and tried to enjoy this beautiful fall weather as much as possible.  Z did complain after day one that he did not learn all he wanted to learn about space yet.  I tried not to chuckle and told him that there was still lots of time and that we wanted to take our time as we explored this amazing topic.


The first day when Scott asked Z how his day went, he told him that it was short.  When reflecting on this answer I realized that he must think school is whenever he is sitting down at a table with a pencil in his hand.  This was strange to me since Montessori is nothing like that and he has no other school experience.  Our first day was a busy one, we made stop motion animation LEGO movies, picked a tree out in nature to sketch once a month and did our first sketch, had our first meeting with our weekly homeschooling co-op, he had his first soccer practice, we brainstormed questions we want to answer in our space study and he did his first journal entry with a self portrait.  It turns out that the only activity that he thought was “school” was the journal entry!

The next day he and I  had a heart to heart about how we are learning all the time and that sitting at a table with a pencil is not the only way to learn.  I explained that learning happens through our conversations, through the games we play, during his quiet play, building with LEGOs, during nature hikes. etc.  We learn and grow all of the time and we are so blessed that we get to learn whatever we choose.  This seemed to make sense to him and the rest of the week went very smoothly.

So now we are onto week 2….there are a lot of fun and exciting space things planned for this week.  It should be out of this world.


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