The End of a Chapter


After a great deal of thought, reflection and a few tears, I have decided to say “good-bye” to my other blog RaisingZ and Lil’C.  I have been writing over at that blog for almost 6 years and in that time I have written over 850 posts.  The blog started as a New Years resolution when Z was only one.  I had wanted to keep a journal of his childhood and Scott suggested I blog instead.  I really didn’t know what a blog was back then but during Z’s naptime I figured it all out and wrote my first post.

The RaisingZ blog has been a big part of my life and it is really hard to say good-bye.  I have made some great “virtual” friends in that space and have shared the important moments of Z and Lil’C’s early years.  As much as I love the RaisingZ blog, I no longer have time to write for two blogs. Now that both kids are school aged, the Magic School House blog space seems to be the more appropriate for this next season of life.  I do have more daily readers over at RaisingZ and I hope that they will follow me over here, because I would hate to say “good-bye” to them too.

So in the coming days I hope to be welcoming some new people to this space.  I hope that they will feel at home over here and that all of you will like the changes that will result as I merge my favorite things from the two blogs together.  Thanks for reading!


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  1. Janine Parkinson

    I will miss this. Sort of sad 😦 But excited for your new adventure!

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