Making Memories Mondays


One of my favorite things of my RaisingZ blog was my Making Memories posts.  I use to do them on Fridays but over here we have Friday Finds and so I decided to make it a Monday thing. We had a very busy and fun weekend.  Saturday started off with Z’s soccer game.  This was the second game of his little life and coach started him off in-goal.  Needless to say Scott and I were having a bit of a heart attack but he did great!



After the game we were off to the local amusement park.  The kids have been waiting for this day all year and were literally jumping up and down as we got in the car.  Lil’C had won a free pass from the Summer Reading program at the library and we had a pass that we never used from last year and so the adventure was half the price that it normally would be.



The kids had a BLAST!  The both loved the junior roller coaster and the antique cars.  They split up for many of the other rides and Z got to go on the flume and the wet raft ride (thankfully we had a swimsuit this year for he and Scott) and Lil’C went on all the kiddie rides (Z was too tall this year).   The loved all the rides and games (they got to play two each) and Mommy was excited because she ran into a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time!!  It was a great day.


Sunday brought Z’s LEGO Birthday Party.  We hosted the party at a LEGO center where the kids had access to thousands of blocks and Star Wars Figures (Z’s choice) and built whatever they want.  They also had a race track for the kids to race their creations.  It was sooooooo much fun and the perfect multi-age party (even the adults were building).

photo-55photo-59 photo-56


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  1. Mimi

    A weekend full of smiles… how nice!

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