Friday Finds….15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess with a Homeschool Mom


This post written by Brenda over at Homeschool Diaries is pretty funny!  I especially liked number two.

2.  She often mumbles to herself, and claims she’s having a parent-teacher conference. Some may perceive this as craziness, to the homeschool mom, it’s normal.

I think I need to have Scott write a guest post on this blog from the Homeschool Graduate’s point of view.

Click Here to check out the rest of her fun post!



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One response to “Friday Finds….15 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Mess with a Homeschool Mom

  1. Katherine G

    I loved this! Laughed-out-loud loved it! And also her “most annoying questions post”. Had to copy/paste this one:

    “What about socialization?
    Since all homeschoolers are like caged animals, I am sure only time will tell. Do I need to insert the sarcasm button here? This one has always bothered me. We know the answer right? Sending your child to public school to learn about socialization is like sending your kid to the candy store to learn about nutrition.”

    Is that a great analogy or what? Sorry to public school parents–no offense meant, but having been a public school teacher, well, let’s just say I can identify with that comment all too well! 🙂 Great to begin a Friday with such a good laugh! Thanks!

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