Celebrating Michealmas


Autumn is in full swing in New England (although it feels more like summer these days) and to welcome Autumn we decided to celebrate Michealmas.  What is Michealmas you ask??  It is an ancient festival that celebrates St. Michael, the dragon slayer. In Medieval times it use to involve a feast to celebrate the harvest and today it is often associated with the coming of fall.  It is celebrated in Waldorf schools nationwide and it is used as a chance to look deep within your heart to find the courage, love and warmth you need to “fight off” the cold and dark nights ahead.


We missed our co-op’s celebration of Michealmas this past Monday because we were at the lake and so we decided to hold our own celebration.  We started off with a reading of George and the Dragon.


We then painted our own dragons.  After painting, we headed out on our own quest by hitting the local corn maze.  This was a fun activity that Neene joined us for.  Lil’C did shed a few tears, afraid that we’d never get out of that maze, but there was farm trivia to distract her and eventually we found our way out.


After the corn maze I hid 8 paper dragons that Neene made all around the pine grove.  The kids grabbed their swords and went off to find/slay the dragons.  They loved this activity so much that we did it 3 times!



Our final activity was making lanterns out of tin cans.  The kids really liked this, although Lil’C needed a lot of assistance.  At bedtime we lit the lanterns and watched the beautiful light glow.  It was so pretty and the perfect way to our Michealmas celebration.

P1050547 P1050552 P1050562




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  1. Mimi

    Created lots of smiles, I see!
    Happy Michelmas to all!

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